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Planning a Party? How Much Wine/Beer/Spirits Should You Buy?

So you’ve got guests coming for a get together but you have no idea how much wine/beer to get? Lucky for you we have a general guideline to help you out. Read on and find out how many servings you can get from a typical bottle of wine or cases ...

Post Party Stain Removal Guide – Holiday Edition

What do you do when someone spills a glass of red wine on you? How do you remove wax from your tablecloths? Should you use ammonia or vinegar to remove candy cane stains? With the Holiday Season upon us many will find themselves at a breaking point when trying to ...

Girls Night Facial Scrubs 1

There’s no better way to share secrets and tell stories of lovers past then by waiting for your facial to do its magic. Try these three simple to make scrubs and exfoliant (made with simple products which you may already have) at your next Girls Night In.