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Hang Over Tips

We’ve all been there before, the morning after a night of over indulging on liquid courage. It doesn’t have to be all pain however. What follows are some tips on how to lessen the pain and get on with your day.

Girls Night Facial Scrubs 1

There’s no better way to share secrets and tell stories of lovers past then by waiting for your facial to do its magic. Try these three simple to make scrubs and exfoliant (made with simple products which you may already have) at your next Girls Night In.

This is why we love our job

Every weekend we are invited into the homes of fun, out going people. In return we provide them with laughter and an event to remember. Now its your turn. Hire our topless server, waiters and bartenders and experience a service like no other.

BlogTO writes about our Topless Waiters

The reviews are in. BlogTO has written an article cleverly titled “How to hire or become a topless waiter in Toronto. The best line however has to be the one used to describe our Classy2Sassy service: ¬†”the intuitively titled “classy 2 sassy,” in which they presumably lose their clothes in ...