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Party Ideas – Part 1

Creating a memorable experience for your guest can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. What follows are some party ideas to help you along the way. Have a read and keep coming back for updates.

Casino Night

casino party idea topless server watier

High rollers. Big Gambles. Vegas like Fun!

Décor: Less is best. But what will make or break this theme is the use of Casino tables. Rent blackjack, poker or roulette tables from a local party supply store. These typically go for about $200/weekend so spend wisely if you are on a budget. NB: Poker and Blackjack can be played on almost any surface so use your hard earned cash for more elaborate tables. Follow the links below for a quick run down on how to play classic casino games.

Food & Drink: Elegant cocktails and warm hors d’oeuvres served by our Classy CREWMEN.

Poker  |  Blackjack  |  Roulette  |  Craps


Miami Cabana

Cabana Party and Topless Waiters

Soft linens, comfy pillows and seductive light. This is the perfect theme for an outdoor summer evening.

Decor: Drape white linens from posts or frames for that Cabana feel. Use white or light colored materials for an extra pinch of sophistication. Have an abundance of cushions and wide seating areas for comfort. You may even consider making a nicely dressed futon or two available for guests to lounge on. Set the mood with lots of candles and tiki torches to light up pathways and points of interest. Avoid hard light and don’t forget to include an accent color for an extra pop.

Food & Drink: Serve elegant, crisp and fresh canapés and martinis. Clear cocktails reflect light pretty well. Our Classy2Sassy men would make this a night to remember.


 Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Party with Topless Waiters and Bartenders

Decor: A large surface and plenty of sitting is required to this theme. Invite a Sommelier to speak about four different wines. You may choose to cover the labels and challenge your guests to a “Name that Wine” game. Some guests may choose to spit after each tasting but the real fun begins when everyone swallows…

Food & Drink: Have our Classy2Sassy serve an assortment of tasty hors d’oeuvres and cheeses that pair well with your wine selection. Just be ready for when their shirts come off.


Coming soon: Hen Night, Bachelorette/Stagette & Manicure and Martini Party Ideas.   


Got any Party Theme idea you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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