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Finding ways to stay active throughout the day can be challenging if you work in an office environment. Break away from the slump and incorporate these easy to do office fitness tips.


Why not burn calories and tag along for the morning coffee break. A cup of joe (or a steeped tea) may not be your thing but joining your fellow colleagues to the coffee shop is an easy way to stay active. Extend this tip further by walking during your lunch break.  We’re not talking an hour long walk, but a little stroll will go a long way. Even a 20 minute walk will do wonders. For those feeling adventurous we recommend using the stair versus the escalators. Or, show your dedication by completely avoiding the elevators. 


Gently stretching during the day is a great way to keep fresh oxygenated blood flowing, avoid stiffness and sore muscles. This is done by holding your stretch for 20 to 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. You may even wish to schedule stretch breaks using your calendar. Ideally you should focus on these areas: neck, shoulders, arms, core, legs and ankles. But don’t just stretch, try bending and twisting to keep your activity level high, different and fun.


You’re wondering, what does socializing have to do with fitness? Well, getting up and chatting does just that, it gets you up and away from your seat. This is also a great way to introduce yourself and meet more people. You may even find a workout buddy or someone who shares the same interest in fitness.


Tired of getting off the same bus stop and walking the same route? Try something different. Get off a few stops before your desired destination and walk the rest of the way. Try walking around your office building once or twice before making your way into the office. Use a different photocopy, one that is furthest from your desk. Remember, breaking old habits is a good way to exercise your body but also mind.


Proper posture goes a long way. Instead of your generic office chair try getting a fitness ball. Make sure its the right height. Your elbow should make a 90 degree angle and be perpendicular to the floor/desk. Your back should be kept straight and neck looking ahead into the monitor. Avoid having your screen too far below or high as this will cause neck strain. If you’re unable to obtain a fitness ball try sitting on the edge of your chair and focus on proper posture – keeping your ears, shoulders and hips perfectly aligned. Your back should not be arched in any way.

Proper Sitting Posture

As the saying goes, a little goes a long way. You may not be lifting 50lbs weights or running a marathon but following these tips is a start toward a more enjoyable life.

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