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Hang Over Tips

We’ve all been there before, the morning after a night of over indulging on liquid courage. It doesn’t have to be all pain however. What follows are some tips on how to lessen the pain and get on with your day.

Mini Ivory Wedding Cakes: Delicious wrapped in a bow

We stumbled across this recipe a while ago and incorporated it at our last Bridal Shower for a group of 16 gorgeous ladies. Though we followed the recipe as indicated we felt like they needed something more.

Girls Night Facial Scrubs 1

There’s no better way to share secrets and tell stories of lovers past then by waiting for your facial to do its magic. Try these three simple to make scrubs and exfoliant (made with simple products which you may already have) at your next Girls Night In.

The CREWMEN Guide to Manscaping

For many, unwanted hair is a real deal breaker. Thankfully there are plenty of solutions out there to help solve the problem of excess hair. What follows is our Guide to Manscaping 6 of the most common bushy places.   Brows An area often overlooked. The brows, if not treated ...