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Lusty Serve

Our most popular service. Our handsome waiters will serve cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as you and your guests mingle. You may request any outfit option with this service. Just be careful not to invite guests with a weak heart should you request our Sassy men.

Cocktail Coach

For a hands-on experience, our Cocktail Coach is what you need. One licensed, handsome, bartender will teach you and your guests how to make 4 delicious cocktails. You may request our Classy, Sassy or any other outfit to suit your needs.

Hunky Chaperone

For the ultimate experience, we provide one handsome CREWMEN to serve as your Personal Shopping Guide, elegantly dressed in our Classy outfit ready to carry your bags while you shop. It's retail therapy at its finest

Brawny Bartender

Our handsome bartenders will stand behind the bar. They'll create and serve delicious cocktails to you and your special guests. Any outfit is available but we recommend our Sassy outfit.

Now it's your turn!

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